Birthday month

As I turn 28, that feeling sinks in that next year will be my last 20 something birthday. At 18 I thought that 10 years from now I’ll have my life sorted, I’ll know exactly what I am doing in life but it turns out I’m 10 years older and not a bit wiser. I’m still as clueless about life as I was then.
The only thing that you gain with time is confidence, or the ability to not care about what others think about you anymore. And that I think is the best feeling ever.
My Birthday celebrations bring back the nicest memories of being surrounded by people I love the most, family, friends an ofcourse birthday gifts and new clothes.
So here are some of my favourite looks from the week long birthday celebration.

The first dress is from Self Portrait. It’s something that has been sitting in my wardrobe for more than a year now. It is possibly the first time I have worn such a length. Never been a big fan of mid length unless they are pencil skirts or bodycons. But this somehow worked.

The second outfit is a playsuit from River Island. It’s easy breezy and comfortable. We were just out for afternoon tea so I wanted something casual yet dressed up.

The third outfit is my favourite! The top is from AQAQ and is structured silhouettes at it’s best. I am always drawn to outfits that are inspired by origami. They can make a statement without being ostentatious.

Self Portrait Dress
River Island Playsuit
Playsuit- River Island
AQAQ Croptop
Top- AQAQ, Bag- Louis Vuitton

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