Beating Monday Blues

Hi everyone! I haven’t had such a good Monday in a long long time. Japanese lunch + Oxford Street Shopping = Perfect Monday. I was checking the weather forecast for the week and realised it will be raining on and off through out the week except for Monday, so I thought I’ll finish doing all my returns and exchanges before the dates run out on my shopping receipts.  Found some amazing things which I will show in my next blog. I had been craving Japanese food for quite some time now and I finally got a chance to go to Roka.

I love Japanese food. There’s nothing that’s so healthy and yummy at the same time. Although I really did not like sushi the first time I ate it, now I just can’t wait to go out for a Japanese meal. It’s acquired taste I’m guessing, or maybe there weren’t any Japanese restaurants around me when I was growing up in Bombay so I never developed a taste for it. I’m so Happy that quite a few nice Japanese restaurants have come up in the last few years in Bombay too now. Coming back to London, Roka is one of my favourite restaurants. Since I was on my own I couldn’t order as much as I would have liked to. Usually when I’m here with my husband we always call for sashimi but today I just called for a Sake to Avocado Maki (salmon, avocado, asparagus and wasabi tobiko) and  Black cod marinated in yuzu miso. Had to skip dessert because I’ve over-done sweets during Diwali , but I love their Dark chocolate and green tea pudding .. It’s to die for!!

My advice to anyone who hasn’t developed a taste for sushi would be to take it slow, start of with veg sushi with ingredients like asparagus, avocado, cucumber. Then try sushi with tempura in it  and then try the proper stuff with salmon, crab, prawn etc. I’m not too keen on very fishy fish, in other words I prefer fish that doesn’t taste too strong. There is no going wrong with black cod, its my favourite fish to order in most Japanese and Peruvian restaurants. Other than that I enjoy Salmon , again for the same reason .. it’s not too strong and is the right amount of fishy for me.

So after eating a very satisfying  meal at Roka I headed off towards Selfridges. Oxford Street felt so festive today with all the lights and street performers. I’ve been looking for a pair of over the knee boots for quite some time now. Since I’m here after Christmas this year, I’m hoping I’ll buy them once the sales start.

I’ve been meaning to do a blog on winter wear since so long but even though its freezing outside I still find myself buying summery tops and backless dresses. Its a Bombay thing I guess, no matter how cold it is here I convince myself saying I’ll wear it when I’m in Bombay. But hopefully I’ll get myself to do a winter wear blog soon.

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