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I’ve been working as a stylist for almost a year and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The best part is that most of the clients are brides and it’s so nice to see them find their dream outfit. It’s lovely to help them select outfits and plan their looks for their big day. So after meeting many brides in the making, these are some suggestions that I would give.

  1. Make sure you only take one or at the most two people (mother/ sister/ best friend) while shopping for your outfits. More people+ more opinions= more confusion. At the end of the day you need to go with your gut instinct instead of getting influenced by too many people.
  2. Be open to trying out different outfits even if you don’t think they are for you. Things look very different on a hanger and when worn. You never know what colour or silhouette you might end up liking. If you have taken the time to book a bridal consultation, make good use of it and don’t hesitate to take suggestions from the stylist.
  3. If you are going to have more than one function, then try to have different looks for all of them. Try your best to wear something from a different designer for each function and experiment with different looks with make-up and hairstyles.
  4. Choose colours of outfits keeping in mind the time of the day of the function. It’s always better to wear lighter colour outfits for day functions and deeper hues or metallic for evenings.
  5. Get a make-up trial with the make up artist before the wedding to make sure he/she understands what you are looking for. Collecting images of the looks you like, will make it easier for you to explain to them what you have in mind. On the day, at the most have one person with you at the time of hair and make up to help give you a second opinion if you need it.
  6. Most bridal outfits are heavy, but try to choose something that you feel comfortable carrying. No point of wearing an extremely heavy outfit for your function and looking uncomfortable in all the wedding pictures. How you feel on the day will translate in your pictures and the wedding album will have some of your most memorable moments.
  7. Plan outfits for the smaller functions- pre-wedding photoshoots and after-parties if it is a destination wedding. If you are planning on putting mehendi/henna before the actual function in your room, then wear something that is comfortable yet dressy because many pictures will be taken at the time.
  8. Keep your jewellery in mind while deciding your outfits. Select outfits with bigger necklines for functions in which you will be wearing a necklace. Go for statement earrings and bracelets if you can’t wear a necklace because of a small neckline. Wearing layers and layers of necklaces on an already heavily embellished top is very old school.
  9. If you are conscious about your figure then high-waisted lehengas suit pretty much all body types, since they clench at the most narrowest part of the waist. If  you are uncomfortable showing too much stomach, going for a high waisted lehenga with a crop top is way better than a low waisted lehenga and a long blouse.
  10. Lastly, book a spa day before the functions start…unwind, relax and keep calm. Keep smiling and remember.. happy brides are prettiest.

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