Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali everyone! Hope that this year will bring love, happiness and success to everyone. Last few days have been so busy preparing for Diwali. Thought of making a rangoli that is different this year. Found an oil painting online and tried to recreate that as a rangoli. It took a few hours but the effort was completely worth it.

Went shopping for flowers very last minute as usual, and ended up getting different flowers for the gold platter this year. Thought of using the long stems creatively instead of throwing them away, so I arranged them criss crossing each other and placed the flowers and floating candles in between.

Since its Diwali I had to wear something bright, so I wore this beautiful green anarkali with a little pop of bright pink. Love bright lipsticks and Chatter Box from MAC looked really good with it.

Hope everyone enjoyed celebrating Diwali as much as I did. I love all the planning and preparations that go into celebrating a festival and having your family members with you during all of it is what makes it even more special.

Tip- since rangolis are usually made with bright colours, it always looks much better on a dark background. I usually make mine on a black Mount Board. Its like a very thick card board that is available in different colours in art shops. I bought mine from hobby craft.

Tea light holders from an exhibition held by Stitch Three in London




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